Stage Two

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  • Essay One

    The opportunity gap has been identified as a problem in the US for nearly three decades with prolific amounts of research and capital dedicated to solving educational inequality that exists between racial and socioeconomic groups in America. In spite of that, current research indicates that children of color and children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds continue to perform academically lower than white children or children from affluent backgrounds.

    In an essay, answer the two questions below about the opportunity gap and how it can be addressed.

    1. To what extent can the opportunity gap be closed?

    2. What role and responsibility do individual teachers have in resolving the opportunity gap?

  • Essay Two

    There are several key indicators or traits of success that are demonstrated by an effective urban educator: perseverance, a willingness to seek and respond to feedback, and measurable success in previous undertakings.

    Describe two specific events that you believe demonstrate one of those three traits. You should not use the same indicator for both events.

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