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DESCRIPTION: Seeking passionate & dynamic instruction leaders

TITLE: Continuum Experience Manager

REPORTS TO: Director of Program Continuum

DATE: February 2018

LOCATION: Kansas City, Missouri

VACANCY: Full time





The Kansas City Teacher Residency (KCTR) is designed to accelerate student achievement in local district and charter schools through the recruitment, preparation, and support of highly skilled and diverse new teachers. KCTR’s mission is to serve high-need urban schools in Kansas City, Missouri through the lens of our core values of mission-driven, high expectations, collaboration, growth mindset, care and love, ownership, and persistence. The Kansas City Teacher Residency is a

post-graduate teacher preparation program that offers more time and development that is focused on teaching in high-need urban schools, more coaching and support through the residency year and in the first three years of teaching, and more time in schools learning alongside a master teacher for a full school year.


Pioneered in the early 2000s in Boston, Chicago, and Denver, urban teacher residency programs adapt the medical residency model to teacher preparation and are designed to provide residents with the skills, knowledge, and practical experiences necessary to become effective urban teachers. The Kansas City Teacher Residency will prepare residents to be highly effective teachers by providing the following:


  • A rigorous, year-long clinical experience with a highly effective mentor teacher focusing on the instructional practices that drive student learning;
  • Concentrated and aligned coursework focused on urban education culminating in a teacher certification and Master’s Degree;
  • A collaborative cohort experience with fellow residents who share a passion for urban education;
  • A comprehensive Resident Graduate program during years 1-3 as a teacher of




The KCTR Continuum Experience Manager’s main responsibility is to lead a team of continuum coaches that deliver great results and experiences for the program participants and our partner sites. The Continuum Experience Manager monitors and influences the overall effectiveness of coaches, student achievement metrics, in addition to the culture of the cohort. In order to continue the mission of accelerating student achievement in local district and charter schools, the Continuum Experience Manager is expected to stretch coaches and program participants to reach their full potential, regardless of outside circumstances.


Additionally, the Continuum Experience Manager oversees the execution of graduate teacher development scope and sequence, partner site collaboration meetings, and progress towards teacher certification for program participants.


The Continuum Experience Manager is accountable for Continuum Coach development, Program Participant satisfaction, and monitoring the progress of student achievement data during teacher of record years.



  • Coach, influence, and motivate a group of Continuum Coaches to reach ambitious goals with program
  • Design a model for managing continuum coach performance and monitor execution in preparation for mid-year and annual performance
  • Establish clear goal setting and progress monitoring with Continuum Coaches through weekly one-on-one check-in meetings
  • Co-observe and provide specific, actionable, on-the-spot feedback to Continuum Coaches on a recurring basis
  • Design and monitor a model for using student achievement metrics in coaching conversations and PLC
  • Establish and execute a process for managing the relationship with on-site mentors/instructional leadership teams, continuum coaches, and program participants
  • Plan and oversee the execution of relevant PLC sessions for program participants
  • Ensure programming data is analyzed and used regularly by the team to improve the quality of the program participant
  • Collaborate quarterly with site leadership and stakeholders to ensure the right voices are consistently involved in critical decisions, program goals, and program participant
  • Collaborate with the Director of Curriculum and Program as needed to ensure the continuum coaches and Resident Graduates are clearly aligned
  • Collaborate regularly with all directors and other managers to ensure alignment between placement site, program standing, and certification/master’s
  • Deeply internalize the KCTR Instructional Rubric and Core Learning Outcomes
  • Oversee the process for maintaining accurate program participant portfolios and overall performance on the KCTR Instructional
  • Oversee the process for scoring and providing feedback on certification coursework as
  • The Continuum Experience Manager will also coach a select few program participants and be expected to meet and support them regularly just as continuum coaches
  • Other duties as assigned




The Continuum Experience Manager is accountable for Program Participant growth and effectiveness. (Approximate Frequency – 60%)

  • Coach, influence, and motivate a group of program participants to reach ambitious goals with students, and mastery of a small number of the KCTR Core Learning
  • Observe and provide specific, actionable, on-the-spot feedback to program participants once or more per week on their teaching and coursework
  • Collaborate regularly with site mentor teachers and/or instructional leaders to align performance goals and plan meaningful gradual release of responsibility
  • Use performance data as an opportunity for additional practice and immediate feedback
  • Participate in co-observations with other members of the KCTR team and site leaders as
  • Deeply internalize the KCTR Instructional Rubric and Core Learning Outcomes

The Continuum Experience Manager is accountable for collaborating and contributing to coursework facilitation and professional learning experiences. (Approximate Frequency – 20%)

  • Support Director of Curriculum and Program as needed by internalizing, planning, and/or facilitating portions of teacher certification development sessions, Graduate PLC sessions, and mentor teacher PLC sessions. Topics could include but aren’t limited to:
    • Content Knowledge (ECE, Elementary, MS ELA, MS Math, MS Science)
    • Instruction and Design (lesson planning, unit planning)
    • Professionalism
    • Student Engagement (TLAC strategies, cooperative learning)
    • Diversity, Equity, and Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Model strong professionalism, instruction and planning for novice teachers at all times
  • Collaborate regularly with Continuum Experience Manager and the Director of Curriculum and Program to ensure alignment between clinical, site, program improvement initiatives, and certification

The Continuum Experience Manager is accountable for monitoring program participant satisfaction and progress towards certification. (Approximate Frequency – 20%)

  • Keep a pulse on the state of teacher development and the program participant experience by using site-wide data to take proactive measures to address development
  • Maintain accurate program participant portfolios which include progress towards certification and overall performance on the KCTR Instructional
  • Use performance data as an opportunity for additional practice and immediate feedback
  • Scoring and providing feedback on certification coursework as
  • Serve as a liaison at host school sites and participate in training site alignment meetings with building leadership
  • Other duties as assigned






Service Oriented Team Player

  1. Believes in the core values of Kansas City Teacher Residency, and be driven by the mission
  2. Demonstrated ability to motivate, inspire, and interact with diverse populations and awareness of and comfort with issues of diversity, specifically around race, class, and gender
  3. Ability to collaborate with multiple partners and navigate varying interest
  4. Understands the importance and skill required to manage and build relationships with
  5. Readiness to work non-standard hours over the course of the five week pre-service training and occasional weekends
  6. Exceptional skills in time management, including the ability to balance multiple priorities,independently and cooperatively, in a fast-paced work environment
  7. Excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills with all members of the KCTR team at all levels within the organization

Service Oriented Character

  1. Demonstrates a level of self-awareness, flexibility and a positive outlook in stressful situations and will take ownership to improve as
  2. Comfort providing direct, in-the-moment feedback to teams and participants
  3. Should be tactful and diplomatic with good listening skills and an approachable
  4. Is trustworthy and can work independently with minimal supervision
  5. Track record of success in academic and professional settings

Service Oriented Learner

  1. Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree is preferred
  2. Minimum of 3 or more years of teaching experience required; previous coaching experience (highly preferred)
  3. Experience in urban public schools, with a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges within that dynamic environment is preferred
  4. Adequate understanding of nonprofit startup, team dynamics, education reform, and innovative teacher preparation programs
  5. Ability to analyze and evaluate data to drive decision making and goal setting
  6. Strong analytical skills with an ability to assimilate to new information and processes quickly with solid judgment and decision-making abilities
  7. Strong familiarity and experience with the Missouri State Standards and/or Common Core State Standards (highly preferred)
  8. Solid working knowledge of visualization and or data management software Intermediate or advanced knowledge of Google Apps is a plus



  • In preparation for the role, Continuum Experience Managers can expect to attend up to 60 hours of training over multiple days in the summer, some travel may be required. There are peak periods during certain times of the year and occasional prolonged hours of duty are required., including some



  • This role requires reliable transportation and willingness to travel to and from partner Occasional overnight travel is required for training purposes.



  • The Kansas City Teacher Residency offers a competitive compensation package commensurate with experience level, credentials and anticipated duties and responsibilities, including


Interested applicants can apply for this position by submitting a cover letter and resume via our online application


All of the statements in this position description are intended to describe the general nature of the work being performed, and are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required. This document describes the position currently available. KCTR reserves the right to modify job duties or job descriptions at any time, including after the position is filled.



To learn more about the Residency, please contact us.