Teaching Certification Programs in Kansas City

Who We Are

Preparing Highly Effective Teachers

The Kansas City Teacher Residency will recruit, prepare, place, and retain passionate individuals to join the teaching profession.

We strive to develop these teachers into effective, compassionate, and antiracist educators who work to ensure kids receive a quality education. We do this through an urban teacher residency model, which allows residents to hone their teaching skills in a Mentor teacher’s classroom for a full school year. Residents earn their teaching certification, receive instructional coaching, and engage in coursework. This rigorous development model helps our resident teachers become the educators the students of Kansas City deserve.

Our Mission

The Kansas City Teacher Residency will recruit, prepare, develop, place, and retain mission-oriented individuals who want to make a deep commitment to working in Title 1 schools with culturally and linguistically diverse students within Kansas City.

OUR Vision

At KCTR, we see a Kansas City where quality education is guaranteed for all kids. We envision a Kansas City education system that has dedicated, diverse, and prepared teachers who understand and meet the needs of all students.

Our Values

What guides our work

Through our residency and certification program, Kansas City Teacher Residency is dedicated to improving the local educational system, and therefore, the lives of students by supporting your development as a highly effective and inclusive teacher. Take a closer look at our Core Values to learn more about why we believe in our urban teacher residency and what drives us to do the work that we do.

Mission Driven

At KCTR, we fundamentally believe that by developing highly effective teachers, we can create equitable classrooms where all students will learn and maximize their potential.

Care and Love

At KCTR, we strive to illuminate and uncover ourselves as educators and deepen our empathy and commitment to our students, selves, team, families, and our city. We cultivate communities that ground each person in affirmation, value, support, and safety.


At KCTR, we remain focused on our mission and persevere even when challenges and setbacks stand in our way.

High Expectations

At KCTR, we believe that with an intentional focus on continuous growth, we will improve all aspects of teaching and learning. We commit to modeling excellence with grace as we seek to develop this in others.

Growth Mindset

At KCTR, we value progress. Leveraging feedback and reflection, we celebrate accomplishments, acknowledge challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth, and contribute to a community of individuals who seek to continuously develop.


At KCTR, we build genuine relationships with partners, stakeholders, and the community—both inside and outside the classroom—to strengthen our collective impact.


At KCTR, we are accountable to students, ourselves, and our community to embody mindsets, actions, and results that aid in the pursuit of our mission.

Our commitment to antiracism

We recognize the long-standing prevalence of racism, anti-Blackness, and white supremacy in America and the direct impact this has had on the education profession and student access to high quality education. KCTR is committed to actively and directly challenging racist, anti-Black, and white-supremacist education systems that have been created against the Black community, Indigenous peoples, and People of Color.


KCTR seeks allyship with our partners as we work together toward our common vision: creating more equitable paths to the education profession and more equitable access to quality education for students. As we embark on living out our commitment toward antiracism, we ask others to join us as we acknowledge our positional privilege and power in a white-dominant field. KCTR engages in this work with urgency in our action, persistence, and dedication to the work.

Meet Our Team

Passionate About Education in Kansas City

The team at Kansas City Teacher Residency is dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of education in Kansas City urban schools. By setting a high standard of excellence, we believe we can transform the lives of Kansas City students for the better.

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Join us in ensuring every classroom is filled with a highly effective teacher. Whether you’re seeking teaching certification programs in Kansas City or donating to our organization, you can make a difference in the KC public education system.

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