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About KCTR

The Kansas City Teacher Residency (KCTR) is committed to increasing the number of classrooms that have highly effective and quality teachers that are present in urban schools across the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area.  KCTR works towards this vision for our city by recruiting, preparing, developing, placing, and retaining mission-oriented individuals to teach in these classrooms. Founded in 2015, KCTR has been able to transform the local teacher preparation landscape.  In collaboration with the National Center for Teacher Residencies, KCTR has developed a true urban teacher residency program that is modeled after other teacher residency models from across the country. Our 4-year urban teacher preparation program begins with a rigorous Residency Year followed by a 3-year Resident Graduate program that takes pre-service teachers from novice to mastery in the teaching craft through our program.  In addition, KCTR believes that it is important to be a program that is designed to reflect the diversity of the Kansas City community through the representation of people of color and males that complete our teacher preparation program. By 2020, KCTR has a goal to graduate and at least 160 new teachers from the Residency Year into full time teaching positions in schools across the metro, with at least 50% of the graduates being a person of color and 30% identifying as male.

How to Apply

The Kansas City Teacher Residency is always looking for talent to add to our dynamic team. Current openings at KCTR are listed below. To apply or to submit a general interest in joining our team, please submit a cover letter and resume to

Career Opportunities

KCTR is currently seeking a Continuum Coach.  Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to