Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

This holiday season you can place a charitable donation to Kansas City Teacher Residency and make a direct impact on student learning in Kansas City.

With Teacher Residents working in classrooms across the city, each class needs a variety of supplies and materials to aid student achievement. Your contribution would help a student reach reading targets or give a student a place to solve math problems with her peers.

Let your gift impact Kansas City’s classrooms and students.

Teacher Residents are asking you to help bring new opportunities to the students that we serve. There is no gift too small.

How will you impact students this holiday season?


Help to Increase Student Work and Think Space

Untitled @x xLindsey Lopez
Teacher Resident in Ms. Powell’s 2nd Grade Class at Crestview Elementary
GOAL: $300.00 for 30 chair back organizers


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Hello, my name is Lindsey Lopez and I am a Kansas City Teacher Resident at Crestview Elementary in North Kansas City School District.  In my classroom, I would like for students to be able to sit at tables, rather than desks, so they can collaborate with one another, problem-solve as a group, and practice effective communication skills.  The tables in our building do not include cubbies or organization for students’ supplies.  I would like to request $300 to go toward 30 chair backs for student’s books and materials.  Without the chair back organizers, students lose space and time to work on group projects. This will benefit our classroom by helping provide storage for our students which will allow for more work and think space on their table tops.


Help English Language Learners Working on Literacy Skills

paula-rosePaula Rose
Teacher Resident in Ms. Hurst’s Middle School English Arts Class at Scuola Vita Nuova Charter School
GOAL: $200.00 for books for classroom library

My name is Paula Rose, and I’m a Resident Teacher in Skylar Hurst’s Middle School English Language Arts classroom at Scuola Vita Nuova Charter School in the Historic Northeast Community in Kansas City.  I am asking for $200 to purchase books for our classroom library.  We have students from 10 different countries, and seventy percent of our students are English Language Learners.  One of the most effective ways for students to improve their literacy skills in English is Independent Reading. Expanding the titles available for our students to check out will encourage their interest in Independent Reading and support their improving literacy skills, especially if I can purchase specific books they have requested by name.


Help to Grow a Diverse Library

eric-haynes025xEric Haynes
Teacher Resident in Mr. Alt’s 8th Grade Writing & Language Arts Class at KIPP: Endeavor Academy
GOAL: $500.00 for classroom and library books

Because of our growing, but still small, school library, many of our students do not get the opportunity to read “window” and “mirror” books.  A “mirror book” is one in which students of different races, ethnic groups, or religions find a main character or characters that “mirror” their race, group, or religion.  A “window book” is one that grants perspective to students about races, ethnic groups, or religions different from their own.  Having students supplement their typical reading with a variety of mirror and window books helps them grow in their understanding and empathy towards students different than themselves.  My request is for $500 to purchase books from a list of Elementary and Middle School books to place in our school library and in various classrooms.


Help to Nurture a Passion for Reading

brittney-harveyBrittney Harvey
Teacher Resident in Ms. Collins’ 3rd Grade Class at Crestview Elementary
GOAL: A library of quality children’s books

My name is Brittney Harvey and I am a Teacher Resident in a 3rd grade classroom at Crestview Elementary school. My students need quality literature for their classroom library and reading projects. I’ve noticed that my students have a passion for reading. In order for them to be able to read books with quality literature, we need a variety of different genres of books. With your donation of quality books my students will have the needed resources to exceed the Common Core State Standards expectations along with providing students different types of books that will help to enhance their learning. Students will be able to have access to quality text for their reading projects and to read during their book clubs.


Your generosity will go a long way in Kansas City by impacting the opportunities our students receive. Whether big or small, your contribution will be used to give students resources they need to achieve their academic goals. Consider gifting one of our Teacher Residents to make a difference this Giving Tuesday.

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