Our Values

Using Your Leadership Qualities for Good

Kansas City Teacher Residency is dedicated to improving the urban educational system, and therefore the lives of Kansas City students, by harnessing your unique and outstanding leadership qualities. In fact, as a part of our Core Values, we are Equity Driven, maintain Enduring Excellence, foster a healthy Growth Mindset, and possess a Servant Spirit.

We encourage you to take a closer look at our Core Values to learn more about the KCTR model and how you can make a difference to urban Kansas City students.

Mission Driven

Understands and embraces the calling to work in high need urban schools, serving underserved communities. There is a foundational belief that all students, regardless of zip code, will learn and achieve in their classrooms.

High Expectations

Continually sets high bar of excellence for themselves as professionals and for their students in the classrooms. Through intentionality, all aspects of the classroom, teaching, and learning will be executed at a high level with the understanding that excellence is a habit.


Understands that in order for their students to learn and achieve, teachers leverage their broader communities. We are problem solvers and bring genuine conversations to the table, keeping what’s best for kids at the forefront of all work, conversations, and decisions.


Consistently holds themselves and others accountable to the results, actions, and decisions. All of the children are ours!

Care and Love

There is a deep sense of empathy and commitment to the students and families that we serve. Understanding that life happens to our students more often than we would like, and as a result, ensure that each students feels valued, supported, and safe. Additionally, the same sense of empathy and commitment is demonstrated in the work that we do in the planning, preparation, execution, and analysis so that we may be the most effective teachers possible.


Remains focused on the end goal, and does not let obstacles, challenges, or set backs take themselves or others away from achieving goals that are set.

Growth Mindset

Never settle or create a low bar for growing and developing. Feedback is the fuel necessary for the self-adjustment that ensures growth is continual. Moreover, our students need for us to see them for their highest selves. The future, and not the moment, is the North Star.

Make the Most of Your Leadership Qualities

You were meant to do great things. Learn more about applying to be a teacher resident or about donating by calling KCTR today at (816) 298-5660.