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Kansas City Teacher Residency

Creating Equitable Education

Kansas City has a long history of racism and inequity that continues to impact the quality of education students receive today. The Kansas City Teacher Residency (KCTR) was founded in 2015 to improve student outcomes in local public schools through the recruitment, preparation, and support of highly skilled and diverse new teachers.

KCTR accomplishes this goal through a rich curriculum and the support of a coach and mentor for all Residents within a one-year Residency experience. Residents obtain their teaching certification in the State of Missouri and earn a Master’s degree.

After completing the Residency year, Residents agree to teach in Kansas City Title 1 schools for three additional years while continuing to receive personalized coaching and support. By preparing teachers to be highly effective in the classroom, we can create a more equitable, anti-racist educational experience for KC area students.

Why choose KCTR?

Why Choose KCTR

Hands on Experience

We go beyond the theoretical experience—we want you to be deeply connected to the communities and children you will be teaching. Traditional training and preparation models often include years of course work followed by a short student teaching experience; our Residency model is flipped. From the start of the school year, you will be in your Mentor teacher’s classroom gaining hands-on experience. The certification and Master’s courses you attend are meant to bolster and support your experience within the classroom.

Why Choose KCTR

Community Support

Our program works within a Cohort model, meaning you will have dozens of other members going through the teacher residency program right alongside you. Throughout the process, you will gain support from other individuals who also have a passion for educational equity. Cohorts serve as a point for professional and personal support and growth. Beyond your Cohort, being a part of one of the most forward-thinking teachers training programs in Kansas City connects you to our entire KCTR network of Residents, Graduates, Mentors, and Alumni.

Why Choose KCTR

Preparation & Development

Our program stands out in the depth of support that we provide. In addition to your Mentor teacher, you will also have weekly support from a KCTR coach. We see coaching as a primary lever to grow and develop highly effective teachers. We adapt our styles to meet the needs of our Residents and their Mentor teacher while helping them apply their coursework in their classroom. We customize the certification and master’s coursework to the KCTR context to support your training and development as an educator. All of these intentional supports aid in preparing highly effective teachers for Kansas City area schools.

Why Choose KCTR

Financial Support

KCTR is a financially competitive option for receiving your teaching certification and Master’s Degree. Too often, finances keep well-qualified individuals from joining education, so we work to make the financial components of our teachers training program as reasonable as we can. Residents receive Metro-Rate for tuition through the University of Missouri-Kansas City for the Master’s Degree. In addition, residents receive a living stipend, are eligible for education awards as AmeriCorps members, and are qualified for other federal and local grants and scholarships through participation in our program.

Why Choose KCTR

Equity Focused, Kansas City Centered

We customize our course work to be meaningful to the Kansas City and specific school context in which you’ll be placed with your Mentor. Through our program, teacher residents learn about the history of education in Kansas City and history of racism within our public education system. By looking at our unique history, we prepare teachers for the specific circumstances they will encounter in Kansas City schools and prepare them to be leaders for change within the classroom and their school.

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KCTR Process


  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Able to commit to teaching in a partner public school in Kansas City for three years
  • following the residency year
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Stage 1: Initial Application – Applicants submit an initial application with their basic information. Submit your application here! (link to apply page)
  • Stage 2: Materials Submission – Applicants submit a resume, unofficial transcripts, and references.
  • Stage 3: Phone Interview – KCTR conducts a 30–45 minute phone interview that allows applicants to dive deeply into what they believe about education and ask questions they might have about KCTR. The phone interview also gives us a chance to learn about the applicants’ mindsets and habits. Applicants also submit two short answer questions at this stage.
  • Stage 4: Selection Day – Applicants attend a full-day event where they have the opportunity to teach a sample lesson, talk with building leaders from partner schools, work on group projects, and demonstrate they have what it takes to be a KCTR Resident.
Residency Year
  • Attend Summer Institute, a full-time, 5-week intensive training
  • Attend Seminar Courses all day Monday, and Methods courses Wednesday evenings
  • Placement at a school with a Mentor Teacher for training Tuesday – Friday
  • Participate in coaching and development opportunities
  • Take content test for Certification
Teaching Commitment
  • Work full time as a teacher of record within one of our partner public schools in Kansas City for 3 years after the completion of the Residency year
  • Continue to engage in KCTR coaching and development opportunities
  • Complete your master’s course work


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