Summer Series: Issue 1 – Self-Care

Welcome to a piece of our work this summer- going ‘inward’ and ensuring our own health is prioritized. Ensuring personal wellness is such an important component of our work in the classroom. Summer can be the optimal time to develop habits of self-care to be sustained throughout the year. We’ll be using this series to explore dimensions of health, wellness, and inner self.


Need help identifying where to focus on your self-care? You could use this tool to help develop your own self-care plan of action! Click the button below to take an assessment of your self-care routines.


Check out some of these resources for incorporating Self-Care into your life.

ARTICLE: Why Teacher Self-Care Matters
ARTICLE: Prioritizing Self-Care While Working From Home
PODCAST: “Why it’s so hard for Teachers to Care for Themselves (4 Ways to Start)” 
VIDEO:  Ted Talk: The Importance of Self-Care
INSTAGRAM: Decolonizing Fitness

About the Author: Casey Born is the new Member Success Coach for KCTR. In this new role,  she will extend support, offer resources, boost skills, prioritize wellness, and offer encouragement needed to thrive and to sustain a career in education. She is passionate about the need to address the whole person and is available to check-in, connect with resources, and plan for success!

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