Summer Series: Issue 3 – Food Part 2

We want to empower our teachers to be highly effective in their classrooms. As we’ve shared from Gary Howard’s work before, in order to be effective in instruction, you must know your content, your students, and yourself. With that in mind, we are using this summer series to focus on ways for you to grow and know yourself.

In this blog we will focus on food–one of the most foundational components for caring for yourself. Food is the fuel of life. Nourishment through food allows us to have the energy and focus to show up in the classroom everyday. While school can make life busy, it is imperative that you make time to eat and care for yourself.


Food is a basic necessity of life, but it’s also so much more. It not only serves a biological purpose in giving us energy to sustain our functioning, it is also a connecting point with others. It’s an expression of identity, familial values, and culture. When life gets busy, I invite you to view food as an opportunity to acknowledge and accept your human limitations rather than seeing it as an inconvenient chore.

During different seasons of life our relationship with food can ebb and flow. Sometimes, food can take the back burner. Take this food self-reflection quiz to gauge your relationship with food and areas of growth you might focus on.



Andrea is the Operations Associate at KCTR. She helps the work of KCTR in the realm of communications, logistics, and events. Her first love is food and body liberation. Her degree is in Nutrition and Sustainable Food Systems. If you have any questions about this content, or would like further resources related to food and self-care, reach out to Andrea!

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