Alternative Teaching Certification Program

Our Team

Passionate About Education in Kansas City

The team at Kansas City Teacher Residency is dedicated to emphasizing the importance and maximizing the effectiveness of education in urban environments. By setting a higher standard of excellence for everyone involved in the journey of education in Kansas City, from teachers to principals, to students, we believe we can transform the lives of Kansas City kids for the better.

Development Team

Charles King

President & CEO

Chuck Cordt

Director of Development


Curriculum Team

Leslie McTighe

Director of Curriculum and Program


Kandace Buckner

Curriculum Coordinator



Program Continuum Team

Brandie Newman

Director of Program Continuum


Molly Wilson

Continuum Manager

Melissa Noland

Senior Continuum Coach

Casey Born

Senior Member Success Coach

Bethany Schofield

Senior Continuum Coach

Iyshia Sims

Continuum Coach

Tawar Khalandi

Continuum Coach

Genee’ Johnson

Continuum Coach

Jessica Garcia

Continuum Coach


Talent and Growth Team

Andrew Stuart

Director of Strategic Growth


Vernon Birmingham

Talent Manager


Lauren Sinovic

Talent Manager


Porsha Locke

Talent Recruiter


Operations Team

Beth McMillan


Andrea Bright Harrell

Communications and Operations Associate

Aryiel Everett

Communications and Operations Associate

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