Our Mission, Vision, & Values

The Kansas City Teacher Residency will recruit, prepare, develop, place, and retain mission-oriented individuals who want to make a deep commitment to working in high need urban schools in the Kansas City area.

The Kansas City Teacher Residency strives to develop passionate individuals who want to join the teaching profession into effective, compassionate teachers who work hard every day to ensure kids receive the education they deserve. We do this through a residency model, which allows residents to develop and hone their teaching skills in a master-teachers classroom for an entire year, while also earning their certification, and through weekly instructional coach visits, seminar classes and content courses. These development structures help our residents teachers become the teachers the students of Kansas City both need, and deserve.

The Kansas City Teacher Residency will be a program that achieves results for students, schools, and communities by training and retaining urban teachers at the highest need schools, and as a result the Kansas City Teacher Residency will be come the model for teacher preparation across the country.

At Kansas City Teacher Residency, we envision a city where an equitable education is guaranteed. Today, both in Kansas City and throughout the country, too many factors can impact the academic outcomes of students.

But it doesn’t have to.

Research indicates that a passionate, highly-effective teacher is the single greatest indicator of student success. We believe that by training more effective teachers, supporting them in understanding the unique needs of urban students, as well as increasing the number of teachers of color and male teachers in the profession, we can change the educational landscape of Kansas City and beyond.

Kansas City Teacher Residency is dedicated to improving the urban educational system, and therefore the lives of Kansas City students, by harnessing your unique and outstanding leadership qualities. In fact, as a part of our Core Values, we are Equity Driven, maintain Enduring Excellence, foster a healthy Growth Mindset, and possess a Servant Spirit.

We encourage you to take a closer look at our Core Values to learn more about the KCTR model and how you can make a difference to urban Kansas City students.

Misson Driven

At KCTR, we fundamentally believe that by developing highly effective teachers we can create equitable classrooms where all students will learn and maximize their potential. 

Care and Love

At KCTR, we strive to illuminate and uncover ourselves as educators and deepen our empathy and commitment to our students, selves, team, families, and our city. We cultivate communities that ground each person in affirmation, value, support, and safety.


At KCTR, we remain focused on our mission and persevere even when challenges and setbacks stand in our way.

High Expectations

At KCTR, we believe that with an intentional focus on continuous growth, we will improve all aspects of teaching and learning. We commit to modeling excellence with grace as we seek to develop this in others. 

Growth Mindset

At KCTR we value progress. Leveraging feedback and reflection, we celebrate accomplishments, acknowledge challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth, and contribute to a community of individuals who seek to continuously develop.


At KCTR, we build genuine relationships with partners, stakeholders, and the community – both inside and outside the classroom – to strengthen our collective impact.


At KCTR, we are accountable to students, ourselves, and our community to embody mindsets, actions, and results that aid in the pursuit of our mission. 

Help Us Achieve Our Vision

To learn more about becoming a teacher resident or donating to help our future teachers and students, call KCTR today at (816) 298-5660.